What - The new electric Jaguar car

Why - The new Bond villain drove this car in Spectre

How - From claymodel to final production

Interactive 72 frame animation for the Bond Spectre Jaguar website launch.
It was made for fans to be able to scoll through the making of the car in their own pace.


I’ve  worked with storytelling for about 14 years. Film school in 2006 and motion school 2011. Moved to London 2012 to focus on post production, animation, and design.

When it comes to storytelling I love animation and live action the same, always striving to give the viewer a reason to keep watching. 
Recent Studios

Dice, Spark44, Chimney Group, VML, B-reel, Imagination, Nexus, the Mill, Mario Testino, Ichi Worldwide, Grey, Burberry, Diode films to name a few.